• Ben Smith

To the man who made a difference !

Tributes from throughout the world flowed today at the news of the loss of a World Agribusiness leader, Dr Pearce Lyons.

Having first met Dr Lyons in person in May 2015 I have remained inspired ever since. We have transformed our business and continued to grow in both knowledge and strength. Gaining Dr Lyons approval and backing to build the IFM Laboratory in New Zealand just over three years ago brought monumental changes in the way I view the world of both cows and their effluent.

As data builds, and with continued farmer support, we will build the tools and the technology that will move ruminant farming beyond the farm gate. We will move future pastoral farming into the positive environmental footprint stage as we prove without doubt there are management structures and practices capable of feeding 9 billion people, lowering Greenhouse Gas Emissions and, through exciting new technology, produce a viable alternative fuel source for world travel.

Thanks Pearse, the title of Dr Shit will forever remain with me to make my heart sing every day.


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