• Ben Smith

Is global research applicable to our problems?

"Dirty Dairying" was once a term as a farmer I hoped was like a modern fashion statement. Here today, gone tomorrow, but as water becomes the oil of today and the gold of tomorrow statements of fashion seems to be weak a word of the future.

I have talked extensively in the past of educating the teachers for the workforce of tomorrow but as I surround myself with a larger team of like minded individuals and get more and more data to hand from science processes, that in my university past, would have taken months to generate the results from, now due to modern technology, takes only hours, it will be the speed at which our modern regulators move that will limit the environmental impacts of today on the future of tomorrow.

We talk openingly as a country of the importance of globalisation and trade as a means of maintaining the New Zealand standard of living but or rate of adoption of global science seems limited by our arrogance that we know best. As we struggle for solutions and the time ticks by should we not be looking to apply the proven science of international companies to our shores?


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