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Ben Smith, our Managing Director, brings a wealth of experience in business, resource allocation, and a specialized focus on the biogas sector. His leadership, grounded in hands-on expertise, propels Circular Solutions towards a future defined by innovation and circular solutions.

Sharon Smith, our esteemed Director of Finance, is a seasoned professional with decades of expertise. Her dedication lies in empowering small businesses through comprehensive bookkeeping solutions. From establishing robust processes to hands-on staff training, Sharon is committed to optimizing financial operations for sustained success.

Together, Ben and Sharon form a powerhouse leadership team at Circular Solutions, driving our commitment to a sustainable and thriving future.


Experienced Bookkeeping Services

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* Bookkeeping
* GST processing & filing
* Accounts Payable (Creditors)
* Accounts Receivable (Debtors)
* Setting up systems & processes (personalised to your business)
* Xero Support & Training
* Xero Advisor Certification
* Xero Bronze Partner
* Xero Payroll Certification
* IRD Bookkeeping Agency


With regional and international networks we aim to partner with both industry partners specific to our needs plus add specialist roles of individuals to cover our many varied and interesting projects.


Welcome to our platform, where our elite solution providers seamlessly integrate into our business environment, establishing trusted relationships and extending expert support to meet our clients' needs. Click on the logos to visit their home pages and explore the tailored expertise that adds significant value to your business.

Solution Providers
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